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Solvent Yellow 82
A reddish yellow Solvent dye with excellent water and light fastness properties and good resistance to chemicals and food. Industry: Paint and Coatings.
Solvent Yellow 79
Solvent Yellow 2GLS 01 is a solvent soluble metal complex dye, Excellent solubility in polar organic solvents andGood fastness properties! 100% strong color strength
Solvent Orange 45
S.O.45 can't dissolved in the warter or benzene, Stable in the 5% sodium carbonate and constant under the temperature 180℃; Color a little green in the 5% Hydrochloric acid solution.
Solvent Yellow 21
1. Excellent solubility; 2. Good compatibility (with most resins); 3. Bright in colour; 4. Excellent resistance;
Solvent Yellow 162
CAS No.: 75216-45-4/ 7576-65-0Shade: green light yellowHeat: 300ºCSunlight 7 to 8 grade
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